Gyanvapi Dispute: Varanasi Court’s big decision: Shringar Gauri Pooja’s case will go on; Argument of place of worship law rejected

Gyanvapi Dispute: Varanasi Court's big decision: Shringar Gauri Pooja's case will go on; Argument of place of worship law rejected
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Gyanvapi Dispute: The Varanasi District Judge’s court today gave its verdict on whether the suit filed in the Gyanvapi case is maintainable or not. With this decision it became clear that this case will now proceed in the court.

Gyanvapi Dispute:

Whose Gyanvapi is it?To decide the answer to this question, the way of hearing the Gyanvapi-Sringar Gauri case in the court has been decided at least from the Varanasi District Court today.The court of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh gave its verdict in favor of hearing the suit filed.The next hearing in the matter will be on September 22.

The District Judge, Varanasi, while ruling that the case was maintainable in court, dismissed the application dated 7/11 by the Anjuman Masajid Committee.However, the matter can still be appealed to the High Court and the Supreme Court.Respondent Anjuman Inaztiya Masajid is considering the options of the counsel for the party.

On the other hand, in view of the sensitivity of the matter, the police is on alert all over UP.The Police Commissioner of Varanasi had imposed Section-144 in the entire Varanasi from the evening of yesterday i.e. 11th September.Since Monday morning, the force has been deployed in every corner of Varanasi.Let us inform that after the completion of the arguments of both the sides on the last hearing, the court had fixed September 12 for the hearing.Last year, in the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division), five women, including plaintiff Rakhi Singh, had appealed for the demand for the worship and handing over of Shringar Gauri.Respondent Anjuman Inaztiya Masajid had questioned the maintainability of the suit by making an application.

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