Organization of Odisha demands to bring back ‘Kohinoor diamond of Lord Jagannath’

Organization of Odisha demands to bring back 'Kohinoor diamond of Lord Jagannath'
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Kohinoor is considered one of the most precious gems in the world. It is believed that in the year 1310, Kohinoor was excavated in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh during the rule of the Khatia dynasty.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has died.Since his death, discussions have started on social media and users of India have started demanding Kohinoor diamond.Meanwhile, the Jagannath Sena based in Odisha has claimed that the Kohinoor diamond is originally of Lord Jagannath and they have demanded it.

Kohinoor of Lord Jagannath?
Actually, Jagannath Sena has claimed that Kohinoor belonged to Lord Jagannath.Not only this, Jagannath Sena has also sought the intervention of President Draupadi Murmu in bringing back the diamond.In a memorandum submitted to the President, the Jagannath Sena has sought President’s intervention to facilitate the process of bringing back the Kohinoor diamond from the famous 12th century Puri temple.

Ranjit Singh donated to Jagannath!
Jagannath Sena convener Priya Darshan Patnaik said in a memorandum that the Kohinoor diamond belonged to Lord Jagannath but now it is with the Queen of England.Kindly request our Prime Minister to take steps to bring this to India for Lord Jagannath.He said that Maharaja Ranjit Singh had donated it to Lord Jagannath on his own wish.

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